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  • How to Download TikTok Video without watermark?

    1. Open Tik Tok app on your phone or Web link on your browser.

    2. Choose whatever videos you want to download.

    3. Click to the <Share> button at the right bottom.

    4. Click to the <Copy> Link button.

    5. Go back to and paste your download link to the field above then click to the <Download> button.

    6. Wait for our server to do its job and then, save the video to your local device.

  • Where are TikTok video saved after being downloaded?

    When you're downloading TikTok video files, they are usually saved into whatever folder you have set as your default. Your browser normally sets this folder for you.

    In browser settings, you can change and choose manually the destination folder for your downloaded TikTok video.

  • Does Tikcc store downloaded videos or keep a copy of TikTok video?

    Tikcc doesn't store videos, neither do we keep copies of downloaded TikTok video. All videos are hosted on TikTok's servers.

    Also, we don't keep track of the download histories of our users, thus making using Tikcc totally anonymous.

  • Do I have to pay to TikTok video Downloader without watermark (Tikcc)?

    No, you don't have to pay for anything because our software and service are always free.

    You can support us by turning off your Ad Blocks or making donations. It supports our further development.

  • Video quality is low. Is there any way to download in HD?

    We do not change resolution or any other parameters of the source videos. We do not edit videos which you download. We only provide a link to the original file which is located on TikTok servers.

    Basicly that means that we can't make better quality because the original file from TikTok is in poor quality.

  • Can you remove ads?

    It costs some money to support website like this. Tikcc have to pay salary to our coders. Other expenses include servers, domain name, security protection costs, etc.

    Ads are the only way of our funding, so Tikcc can't remove them. Please, treat this with understanding.

  • Seems like my IP got banned. What should I do?

    This could happen accidentally. Please, contact us at [email protected] and provide the IPs which should be unbanned.

  • I see the following error "Please try again later or check your data consistency." :( What should I do?

    We are working on this problem but have not solved it yet. Here is what you can do to continue downloading: clear your browser's cookies or try using another browser.

  • Can you make an app of TikTok video downloader?

    Sure. We are working on it. We hope it will be ready by the end of 2021. Please, be patient.

  • Can you add a feature of multiple files downloading?

    Not now. We will get back to this question later.