New TikTok.a big change in download of video



The Tik Tok platform is developing the functionality of uploading videos longer than usual, up to 5 minutes, which leads to a major change in the use of the platform.

The platform has extended the video duration limit several times, first allowing users to upload clips of 60 seconds (up from the original 15 seconds), then expanding it to 3 minutes in July of quest’year.

Also, longer time limits allow for more creativity. The platform also allows for the introduction of multiple ad segments. Which is expanded by giving users access to 5 minute clips. It is an important potential boost for the company’s growth ambitions.

It also puts the platform in more direct competition with video platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Tik Tok is known as the home of short videos and is an element that he currently controls.

But by enabling longer form uploads, it would be a more comprehensive offering, which could reduce the motivation for its creative talents to switch to other applications. TikTok is in able to offer comparative revenue, creativity and accessibility.

New Tik Tok..a big change in download of video
Transmission in longer direct
People have a chance to watch live longer streams in the app and the platform may have noticed a good response to live longer streams which made expanding loading options a logical progression.

It is worth noting that users with a large fan base use Douyin, the Chinese version of the app. They were in able to upload 15 minute videos from 2019.
The platform may have a clear plan for the phased release of longer format options. I have tried longer clips with some users in able to load 10 minute clips.

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